Amazing tools for your Entrepreneurial Journey

These sophisticated digital tools are designed to support agricultural businesses, farmers, and entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone. They offer tailored insights through data analytics and AI, optimizing strategies for crop selection, farming methods, and market trends. Additionally, the tools provide financial management features, integrate with the Sierra Leone Agriculture and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, and boast a user-friendly interface for easy access and comprehension of complex data.

Diagnostics Tools

This tools are designed to enhance business strategy, intelligence, and agricultural growth within the Sierra Leone Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, providing personalized insights, strategic guidance, and comprehensive diagnostics to foster innovation and success in various ventures.

AI Business Solutions Hub

We offer Business Idea Development and Business Assistance services powered by AI. Receive personalized SWOT analysis and recommendations tailored to your needs, leveraging insights from the Sierra Leone Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. Optimize your agricultural ventures with our AI-driven system.


CanvasMaster is your AI guide for perfecting business strategies. It helps you refine your Business Model Canvas, align Problem-Solution Fit, and target Product-Market Fit with step-by-step guidance, practical examples, and interactive quizzes. Optimize your business model for success with CanvasMaster.

Business Intelligence System

The Inno SL's specialized Business Intelligence System module tailored for the Agriculture sector. Our platform offers a self-assessment tool for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) managers, alongside an assisted assessment diagnostic tool for business support organizations. This comprehensive solution enables in-depth diagnostics of SMEs, aiding in strategic decision-making and performance enhancement within the agricultural industry.

AI Agric Analysis & Growth Planner

Our AI Agric Analysis & Growth Planner is your digital farming companion, offering tailored insights and recommendations for optimized crop yields and sustainable growth. Designed for the Sierra Leone Agriculture and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, this tool evaluates key factors like crop varieties, farming techniques, and financial management, providing personalized strategies to unlock your farm's full potential.