About Us

Inno SL Digital is a core operational sector of Innovation SL, dedicated to the digital transformation of our services, driving entrepreneurship growth in the ecosystem. At the heart of our digital offerings is a powerful Business Diagnostic Tool, designed to empower startups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs. This tool guides them through thought-provoking business diagnostic questions, facilitating the evolution of their ideas and daily operations. In return, the Diagnostic Tool provides comprehensive feedback and evaluations, enhancing the overall potential of their ventures and organizations. Learn more

Our Services


Advisory Boards

The Business Advisory Board offers a transformative experience for leaders facing critical decisions. Facilitated half-day sessions, CEOs and business owners join a close-knit community where shared experiences and collective wisdom become invaluable resources. This collaborative platform empowers leaders to navigate challenges with insights from peers who have encountered similar situations, providing a supportive and strategic environment for informed decision-making and growth.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching provides a personalized journey towards achieving your professional aspirations. Through one-on-one executive coaching, you receive tailored guidance to refine your skills, meet your objectives, and evolve into a more successful and effective leader. This transformative experience is designed to empower you to live the life you’ve been diligently working towards, unlocking your full leadership potential.


Strategic Tools

Strategic Tools from Inno SL Digital offer a cutting-edge solution for business decision-making. Our developed Business Diagnostics AI empowers you to make better and faster decisions by facilitating the creation of robust business plans, efficient tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs), and guiding your business precisely towards its goals. This powerful tool is designed to streamline strategic planning, providing a comprehensive and dynamic approach to business management.

Brief History on Innovation SL

Established in 2017, Innovation SL Ltd (Innosl) is a key player in Sierra Leone’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation ecosystem. As an Entrepreneurship Support Organization (ESO) and an Innovation & Technology Management company, Innosl owns Freetown Pitch Night, Innovations Axis Ltd (an incubator/accelerator and co-working space), and serves as the Global Entrepreneurship Network affiliate in Sierra Leone. Innosl is committed to fostering entrepreneurship, supporting disruptive startups and SMEs, and believes in the critical role of ESOs in providing vital resources and support for economic growth and job creation in Sierra Leone and across Sub Saharan Africa. Know more